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WIERZYNEK Restaurant
Kraków - WIERZYNEK Restaurant
Kraków - WIERZYNEK Restaurant

In 1364, a town councillor called Nicolaus Wierzynek threw a feast for King Casimir the Great's guests who arrived for the wedding of the king's granddaughter Elizabeth.
Among the invited guests were many European kings.
Since that time, Wierzynek has been spoken of as a royal restaurant, known not only in Poland.

Wierzynek offers an elegant atmosphere in elegant, antique interiors from the 14th century!
The restaurant rooms, with magnificent decor, are situated on four floors, and can hold up to 200 people.

The menu contains old Polish dishes prepared according to royal and traditional recipes.

ground floor –dance hall
1st floor - 94 seats in 4 rooms (14 + 30 + 30 + 20) 
2nd floor – Knight’s Room - 36 seats
3rd floor - 90 seats in 3 rooms (40 + 20 + 32)

15, Main Market Square

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