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MORSKIE OKO Restaurant
Kraków - Restaurant MORSKIE OKO
Kraków - Restaurant MORSKIE OKO

Only a few steps from the Main Market Square, on the Szczepanski Square, located in the cellars.

Chunky wooden furniture and a rotating waterwheel provide a country atmosphere and costumed waiting staff serve up enormous portions.

We would like to invite you to a typically Polish meal based on simple, natural products as well as suitable drinks.

Music, dancing and singing will show you Polish Highlanders folklore, making your evening unforgettable, full of colours and tastes.

Capacity:100 + 20

8, Szczepanski Square - 100 meters from the Main Market Square

  • Dear Tadeusz,

    I would like to thank you on her behalf for making contact with Mrs. Enryka,
    because meeting her during the trip is very important from a sentimental
    point of view: they haven't met each other in 35 years.
    Also, I would like to thank you because everything in the route in Poland is
    working excellent, especially the Hotel. We are feeling great really.

    Thanks once again and best regards

    A.B. - Argentina

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