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Zelazowa Wola, Nieborow and Arkadia
Żelazowa Wola - Chopin's House
Nieborów - Palace

A excursion to Zelazowa Wola, Frederic Chopin's Birthplace. This Manor House stands in a lovely park and houses a museum dedicated to the composer. Luncheon at a typical Polish Country Inn.

Before returning to Warsaw, visit Nieborow. The baroque Nieborów Palace once belonged to one of the most prominent Polsh aristocratic families, the Radziwills. With a romantic garden, Arkadia, situated 5 km from the palace, the complex is certainly worth a day trip. The park is believed to be the most beautiful in Poland. The park was founded in 1778 by Princess Helena Radziwill. For designing and decorating its numerous pavilions, such as the Shrine of Diana, Priest's Sanctuary, Gothic Cottage, Arena and Circus, Duchess Helena employed the most outstanding Polish architects and painters of the time. She also gathered one of the first antique art collections in Poland in the park.

Distance: 100 km west from Warsaw
Duration:  approx. 8 hours

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