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Zakopane - Tatra Mountains
Tatra Mountains
Zakopane - Krupówki
Zakopane - Jaszczurówka

On a sunny, clear day in Cracow you should be able to see the breathtaking panorama of the snow capped Tatra Mountains located approximately 100 kilometres south from the city. But to fully enjoy the beauty of this legendary mountain range you have to take a trip to Zakopane, fashionable resort and folk centre nestled at the foot of the Tatras.

Zakopane is known as a capital of winter sports and mountain tourism. It is, as well, the centre of the Highlanders culture. They cultivate their tradition, which reflects in their folk costume, traditional wooden architecture, glass paintings, etc.

The Tatra National Park - the Alpine type area of majestic, rocky peaks, glacial lakes in the valleys and remaining all year round patches of snow with variety of vegetation and rare animal species (lynx, deer, brown bears, eagles).

Distance: 100 km south from Cracow 
Duration: minimum 1 day

  • Lieber Tadeusz

    möchte ich mich nochmals herzlich für Deine Hilfe bedanken. Es war eine schöne Reise und Du hast viel dazu beigetragen, dass alles geklappt hat. Danke.

    C.S. - Switzerland

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