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Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour
Wieliczka - Salt Mine

Wieliczka Salt Mine - the oldest working salt mine in Europe!

Wieliczka - Salt Mine
Wieliczka - Salt Mine
Wieliczka - Salt Mine

The salt deposit in Wieliczka, which is listed in UNESCO’s First List of World Culture and Natural Heritage, was formed about 15 millions years ago and has been a centre of salt mining, in one form or another, since 3500 BC.

For 700 years salt was mined here without any break. Previously it was a very precious mineral and now it is still necessary in every kitchen. You will be transferred by elevator 120 metres below ground, seeing marvellous chapels and sculptures made out of salt throughout the Centuries.

You will admire the underground world of salt lakes, galleries, stairs, altars and chambers all carved in salt by many generations of Polish miners, not artists.

You will pass through 20 fascinating chambers. The Chapel of St. Kinga – a great chamber like a big church – with a splendid collection of sculptures and bas-reliefs makes this place terrific! Don’t forget to see the amazing carving of the Last Supper. Please note – everything is made from the salt or in the salt.

The tourists can see only 2 % of the whole mine, only 3.5 km of underground routes from more that 200 km.
The tourist route takes about 2 hours.

Attention: Please note, that temperature in the salt mine is constant all year – about +13º Celsius grades. Comfortable sports wear and shoes are necessary.

Distance: 15 km east from Cracow
Duration: approx. 4 hours

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