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“Schindler's List” Tour
"Schindler's List" Movie

Who doesn’t know “Schindler’s List” made by Steven Spielberg ?

Krakow - Former Jewish Ghetto (WWII)
Krakow - Telpod (Emalien Fabrik / Lipowa Street)
Krakow - Ghetto Square (Kazimierz)

Now we can see the actual setting of this dramatic history of the Jewish community, exterminated by the Nazis. On 21 March 1941 the SS moved the entire Jewish community of Cracow over the bridge in to the cluster of 329 buildings that stood then on Plac Bohaterow Getta in Podgorze. Here is where you find the Pharmacy Under Eagle.
There are still traces of the ghetto wall on 25 Lwowska Street. Emalienfabrik, the Schindler factory and later his living quarters, still stands at Lipowa Street.
Then Plaszow district – the grasslands all around were the site of the former Plaszow extermination camp shown in the movie. Before that, there had been a Jewish cemetery.

At present the monument to the camp's victims is located on the hill. Let us remember that this fate was prepared by one human being for another...

Duration: approx. 3 hours

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