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Dunajec River Gorge
Dunajec River Gorge - Raft Ride
Dunajec River Gorge - Raft Ride

Our luxury coach will take you first to Debno, small village famous for the charming 15th century timber church.
Later, you will admire Niedzica, famous for its castle. The 14th century fortress, built on a rocky hill, is an only example of this kind of architecture in Poland. In that epoch it served as one of the Hungarian border strongholds and was considerably extended in the early 1600s. Since then, it has altered little and has retained its graceful Renaissance shape. After sightseeing, lunch will be served at a local restaurant, right in time to get for the excitement of the ride down the Dunajec River.

Located in the area of Pieniny National Park, Dunajec George is a spectacular stretch of the river, which snakes for about eight kilometres between steep limestone cliffs.

You will be embarked on the 6-meter long rafts navigated by two Highlanders in their regional costumes.

Distance: 130 km south-east from Cracow
Duration: full day

Due natural conditions operate May – September only

  • Dear Tadeusz,

    Clients arrived safely to Buenos Aires!!
    They had no words to thank your help and excellent services.
    They loved every hotel you booked for them and they were dissapointed with ukraine,
    but they could do everything they had planned. Thank you for all you support and advise.
    Hope to work again with you. It's been a pleasure!! I'll thank Ferenc for making me contact you.

    I wish you the best!!
    A.O. - Argentina

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