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Krakow: a pearl of Central Europe, focal point of Polish and European history. The city on the Vistula river attracts visitors from all over the world with its singular beauty and ancient ambience. Cracow is the key to understanding Poland. The first mention of Cracow is found in a report of Ibrahim, son of Jacob, on his voyage to Emperor Otto's court in 966. Sometime after the year 1000 the cathedral of a newly - established bishopric was erected on Wawel Hill. By 1038, at the time of Casimir the Rebuilder, Cracow was the political capital of the Polish state. Only a few European cities have such a distinctive medieval and architectural layout as Krakow. An aerial view shows a checked pattern of streets, surrounded by fragments of surviving city walls, reminding us vividly of the medieval fortified town. The walls were pierced by eight main gates, fortified with 47 towers and had a total length of 3 km. The past and present mingle harmoniously in this vigorous, lively city. The continuity of its traditions has created its own peculiar atmosphere and in 1978 the city centre was included on UNESCO's World Heritage list. It is easy to understand why the city was granted the honour of European City of Culture. Ancient royal capital of Poland, seat of our oldest university, city of Nicolaus Copernicus and Pope John Paul II, Cracow has survived wars and turbulent times. Today we enjoy its countless monuments, beauty, and street atmosphere. The city of artists and painters, festivals and congresses surprises us with its charm and vital crafts. Many people and many cultures have met in Cracow, appearing in different periods, like actors on stage. Without doubt, Cracow is something more than a mere collection of valuable monuments and the intangible power of its mysticism and uniqueness. Though most people associate Poland with the Roman Catholic Church, Judaism, and to a lesser extent, the Orthodox Church, how many know that the Wawel Hill conceals the sacred stone of Hinduism? This probably lies under the ruins of St. Gereon's rotunda. Is this the source of the city's immortality and creative power? Our spiritual time vehicle is still awaiting....
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