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Arround Poland
Poland is a country with more than 1000 years of difficult and unusual history.
It is a country that takes pride in its unique cultural heritage, in which the traces of past centuries are cared for.

You will often encounter entire complexes of buildings that were restored, after their wartime destruction, to the form they had in the distant past.
In addition to this, another sign of respect for tradition can be witnessed in the richness of Poland's folk art and music.
You can find more or less everything in Poland: alpine mountains, wide beaches, clean lakes, deep forests, world-class historic monuments, and friendly people.
The climate is temperate, and the people warm and hospitable.
Polish cities with a thousand-year history invite their visitors to encounters with culture, and Poland's villages and small-time towns offer the opportunity to get away from the bustle of modern life.
And all this comes with a backdrop of breathtaking natural landscapes, because Poland's greatest attraction is nature.
Wild, untouched, more diverse than in most countries either in Europe or the world and, what's more, easily accessible.
  • Dear Tadeusz,
    I had a message from Mr M. last evening saying that Mrs. S.- K. was a wonderful guide
    and they enjoyed their time with her very much.
    He said she had the perfect balance of knowledge and personality that made the emotional visit to Auschwitz/Birkenau quite special. He found Krakow a spectacular city and wished they could have spent more time there.
    All-in-all - a most successful visit!
    Many thanks, Tadeusz, for your work and your part in the success - and please share Mr. Martino's comments with Mrs. S.- K. She made the trip so special.
    Best regards,
    J.B. - USA

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