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Wieliczka Salt Mine - Outside the route
Wieliczka - Salt Mine

The Wieliczka geological route that covers part of the mine excavations on Level 3 and Lower Level 2 is highly recommended for visiting. It includes a number of highly interesting chambers and passages, mostly 19th-century, presenting numerous geological cross-sections illustrating the structure of the Wieliczka deposit and touching upon the questions from the fields of mineralogy, sedimentology, and tectonics.

Wieliczka - Salt Mine
Wieliczka - Salt Mine

The Wieliczka salt deposit belongs to a Miocene salt-bearing formation that originated 15 million years ago, and that belies the northern edge of the Carpathian Mountains in a 0.5-to-1.5-kilometre-wide belt continuing from east to west for ten kilometres. Influenced by the Carpathian tectonic movements the deposit was strongly deformed: the upper fragmentary deposits are tectonic breccia of intermingled salt and spoil rocks, while the lower layer sediment maintained its layer structure, undergoing flexing and scaling.

The guides are professionally trained mine employees. The route (including the return route to the shaft, is about 6 kilometres long and covers altitude changes of 40 - 60 metres running upwards. Visitors should be dressed in appropriate clothes, especially the shoes should be comfortable.

The passages along the route are dry. The approximate visiting time is 3 hours. Visitors descend in groups not exceeding 10 persons; before descending, the visitors sign a statement concerning their health and fitness necessary to cover the underground route. Before the descent, the visitors are provided with the necessary equipment: lamp, gas container, control tag, and helmet. Should the need be, it is possible to be provided with protective clothing.

Distance: 15 km from Cracow
Duration: 3 hours
Up to 15 persons only

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