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Tyskie Brewery Tour
Tychy - Tyskie Brewery

Welcome to the beer world!

Tychy - Tyskie Brewery

Always beer...

Some people believe that God first created beer and then separated water from it... We are unlikely to find out what the origin of beer was; however, we know for sure that since that time beer has been present in all civilisations. Archaeologists, eager for discoveries and beer, found traces of beer dating from 6500 years ago in the Sumerian culture on the territory of today’s Iraq. Moreover, wheat beer which was brewed there was not only a beverage but also a medicine! Beer technologies were brought to Europe and, subsequently, to Poland by medieval monks. Monasteries were the only suppliers of beer until demand became so great that they were obliged to let land proprietors and burghers into the “golden business”. As time went by, beer brewing became such a significant field of economic endeavour that all decisions in this field were taken by the main authorities themselves. The brewery in Tychy was set up on the basis of such beer privileges.

Lager is brewed in Tychy

Great lager beers have been brewed continuously for over 375 years in Tyskie Browary Książece. High quality, well-thought-out investments and constant development placed the Brewery among the best in Europe as early as at the end of the 19th century.

Touch our tradition

In the Brewery today, tradition does not only mean an antique attraction but also great pride in the past. It also means modern methods and technologies used to satisfy millions of beer connoisseurs of Tyskie beer. Where else could you find such a fascinating combination of history and modernity? Come and see this fascinating place!

A guide to mysteries

Tychy - Tyskie Brewery

Fascinating voyage in time

Walking along the picturesque Brewery park we will lead you to the Brewing Museum which is located in a historical building of the former protestant church dating back to 1902. One of the biggest attractions is a drama documentary made in 3D technology to be seen in a special Museum’s cinema. The film relates to Tyskie Browary Ksiazece's history which goes back to the end of 16th century, the Pszczyna Land and its ruling princely family. You will see our collection of the most beautiful bottles, beer mugs, original oak barrels, and many other items related to the art of brewing and drinking beer as well as to the tradition and history of Tyskie Browary Ksiazece. You will be accompanied not only by professional tour guide but also by virtual ones: numerous multimedia kiosks providing many interesting information. Let us invite you to take part in a game called “Beer Game”, during which you can demonstrate your knowledge of brewing and the history of beer and of course have great fun! Furthermore, you will have a chance to use the technological benefits of an e-mail barrel in which you will have your picture taken and, with the use of the blue box technique, pasted in an occasional post card and e-mailed to any address around the world.

Cool surprise

At the end of the visit we will welcome you to visit the pub in the Museum’s cellars, where surrounded with Neo-Gothic arches and original brickwork, you will be served with a glass of quality beer straight from the Brewery. Furthermore you will be presented a special certificate signed by the Chief Brewers, which declares you a member of the brewery’s circle of friends. On the premises of the Museum you can also visit a souvenir shop, where you will certainly find a nice reminder of your visit!

Invitation to the beer world

Tychy - Tyskie Brewery

Would you like to know what spent grain or malt is? Are you not sure where “froth for two fingers” stems from? Do you want to see what Tyskie has in common with Gronie and why Dębowe is so Strong? Why was there a letter instead of beer in an old bottle and who was a beautiful Daisy?

Options :

1/ Brewery tour + beer tasting – circa 1.5 hours
2/ Brewing Museum + beer tasting - circa 1.5 hours
3/ Brewery tour, Brewing Museum and beer tasting – circa 2.5 hours

Distance: 90 km from Cracow

Duration: 6 - 8 hrs

  • Thank you and Stanislaw for all you did in making this trip so memorable. I will be sharing my photographs and stories with my father and his brother this weekend. This is their history and I am very excited to show them where they come from.

    Thank you.
    Take care, we'll talk soon. my best to Stanislaw and your family
    your friend
    G.L. - USA

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