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Tyniec Abbey
Kraków - Tyniec Benedictine Abbey
Kraków - Tyniec Benedictine Abbey
Kraków - Tyniec Benedictine Abbey

Be a guest in the 16th century Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec, beautif ully situated on a white hill just by the banks of the Wisła River. Visit to the old fortress, monastery and church.We are going to start with sightseeing the courtyard, which has a lovely view at the Vistula River. A well with a small roof, which was built without using any nails, is situated in its South-Eastern part. Next, we are going to see the Baroque Church of Saint Peter and Paul the Apostles with its gorgeous, boat-shaped pulpit, an altar made of black marble and richly ornamented monks’ stalls, where we are going to listen to the organ concert or the Benedictine Schola. After the concert we would like to invite you to a “friar’s supper”. All dishes are prepared by the old Benedictine recipes, made and served by local monks. It is not going to be a gaudy feast but the meal is going to be a heaven for your mouth.

The history of the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec dates back to XI century. The monastery along with the Church of Saint Peter and Paul the Apostles are situated on a craggy rock by the Vistula River in the South-East outskirts of Krakow. The Early-Romanesque church and monastery were surrounded by a curtain in the XIII century. The church was rebuilt in a Gothic style in XV century and afterwards in the spirit of the Baroque in the XVII and XVIII century. Today the Abbey is a home for 40 monks, whose life is entwined with prayers, work and facing the challenges of the present day. The Benedictines of Tyniec are engaged in diverse pastoral, school, cultural and religious activities; they keep the monastery’s „household”, translate the Bible into Polish, run a publishing enterprise, etc.

A library and a shop with Benedictine delicacies are waiting for all guests and tourists in the area of the Abbey- natural products, which for ages has been produced according to the monastic recipes, are well worth recommendation.

Distance: 10 km north from Cracow
Duration : approx. 4,5 – 6,0 hrs

  • Sehr geehrter Herr Smoter,

    wir sind alle wieder zu Hause und gerne möchte ich mich auf diesem Wege auch im Namen der Gruppe noch einmal bedanken für die schönen Tage in Krakau. Es hat alles sehr gut funktioniert. Insbesondere aber waren alle Gäste voller Lob für unser Führerin in Krakau (Frau B.Z.).

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    G.W. - Germany

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