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Adventure and Fun - Snow Safari Fun
Snow Safari
Snow Safari

Three-hour trip, during which there is a bonfire by which we gather up our strengths for further trip. This trip takes place on Gubalowka range, with beautiful views of the Tatra Mountains and also a safe and attractive route with beautiful views. The starting point of all the trips is our base on Gubalowka Mountain, from where we ride towards Bystre, Dzianisz, Witow.

4 hour programme: riding the snowmobiles and hot meal by the fire.

7 hour programme: snowmobile riding, hot meal, instructor supervision and insurance.

Safety first - this is a starting point of our every expedition. At the very beginning we instruct all participants in safety rules, rules which must be obeyed unconditionally during the snowmobile rides. We also give a few lessons - a short course on how to ride a snowmobile. During each expedition we ensure that experienced instructors take care of you, who also share their extensive knowledge of the Tatra Mountain routes. They are helpful and caring during the struggle with snow drifts and what’s most important they guide every participant from the very beginning until the end – the returning point. Every participant of the expedition on snowmobiles will be insured against the consequences of bad accidents. The basic rule while using snowmobiles is to familiarise oneself with regulations guiding the us age of a snowmobile and sign an acceptance of these regulations.
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