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Medieval Games and Barbecue
Medieval Games Performance
Medieval Games Performance
Medieval Games Performance

A mere 25 Km from the centre of Cracow, surrounded by fields, forests and breathtaking mountain views you will find yourselves in a different world. An ideal meeting place to relax, party with friends, or larger business gatherings, set in fifty acres of real countryside.

Delightful country walks, excursions by horse drawn carts or, weather permitting, sleigh rides. A small outdoor museum of farming implements and curiosities from the last century. The finest traditional cuisine, indoor or outdoor depending on your needs and the weather. Greeting + tasting of traditional liqueur Medieval scenery Medieval Fiction Game We would like to enhance an atmosphere of fun and joy while restrict the competition between the guests. Each and every element of this version has a goal to create the atmosphere of a medieval fair party in which the guests participate. Here we offer a set of games and competitions for our guests and a medieval tournament. Knights divide guests into groups. Next, guests are led to special stations prepared by us, where the instructors, knights and noble ladies, lead them into the arcane secrets of knightly craft. Contestants gather points for themselves and for their groups as well Games and competitions:

1.   Archery range (2 stations)
2.   Attack on the Saracen
3.   Cannon ball carrying
4.   A duel on a hanging bridge
5.   Axe throwing
6.   Drunken sword
7.   Sack throwing
8.   As hard as nails
9.   Spear
10. Precious burden
11. The lance
12. Ski march
13. Strength contest

In the meantime jugglers, acrobats and mimes performing among the guests help to create an unique atmosphere and climate of a medieval fair. Knight duels: the fights to take place in a form of a tournament, during the time of the fair. This element makes the whole festival even more attractive and is adds a strong point to the climate. Large medieval tents and knights banners.

Distance: 25 km from Cracow
Duration: 5-7 hours incl. barbecue

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    The W....'s are home and are reporting on their wonderful trip. They are so grateful for the plans, guides, and arrangements you made! Thanks so much!

    B.C. - USA

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