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Gala Dinner in Warszawa Chamber
Wieliczka - Salt Mine, Warszawa Chamber
Wieliczka - Salt Mine

Warszawa Chamber - one of the magnificent and biggest chambers of the mine - 135 meters below ground.

We would like to invite you for untypical Gala Dinner in one of the biggest chambers of Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Perfect place for each evening of the year.

Before the decent to mines, guests will be welcomed by miners' orchestra and glass of bison vodka, down in mine chamber music and dancing will show you polish folklore making your evening unforgettable.

Wieliczka - Salt Mine

Folklore music & dance group and miner’s band are really good.
Sculptor from salt mine will show how to carve in stone salt.
On the end souvenirs from salt for every guest.

Warszawa chamber exclusively rented for us.
Capacity: 400 seats

  • Dear Tadeusz,

    Thanks for your arrangements!

    All the best,
    J.F. -UK

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